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Milk & Honey Acres
Almena, WI
Phone: 715-357-6277
Email: milknhoney@chibardun.net
Comments: Pure local Wisconsin honey. Mostly basswood clover blend with the usual wildflower mixed in. Experimenting with pollen collection.

Almond, WI
Phone: 608-219-6293
Email: urbancowboy7@mail.com
Comments: Raw honey for sale.

Wolf Honey Farm
Baldwin, WI
Phone: 715-684-2095
Website: http://www.wolfhoneyfarm.com/
Comments: Wolf Honey Farm honey is gathered from the lush fields of clover and wild flowers of the beautiful St. Croix Valley.

Abigail Lippmann
Burlington, WI
Phone: 262-492-4010
Email: abby@serenity-soapworks.com
Website: www.oakhollowacres.com / www.serenity-soapworks.com
Comments: Raw honey available in 8oz., 12oz., and 1 Lb. sizes. Contact us to purchase off the farm or to come to the markets we are at.

Klee’s Out On A Limb Acres
Caledonia, WI
Phone: 262-835-7728
Email: applefarmer@kooala.biz
Website: www.kooala.biz
Comments: Honey, Apples, Pears, Red Raspberries, Currants, Gooseberries and more!

Jack’s Bee’s
Cameron, WI
Phone: 715-205-9859
Email: jack496@gmail.com
Comments: I have an end of driveway self service honey stand. Pure and local honey only no medications, or chemicals. Wildflower, clover, alfalfa.

Erdmann’s Bees
Catawba, WI
Phone: 715-474-3358
Email: erdmann2@hughes.net
Comments: Raw Wildflower, unmedicated, unfiltered, unheated. 2# jars only, at this time.

Wisconsin Natural Acres
Chilton, WI
Phone: 920-849-9784
Email: info@wnacres.net
Website: http://www.wnacres.com/index.html
Comments: Our honey is 100% Wisconsin Natural Acres Honey. There are no additives and we do not blend our honey with any out of state or out of country honey.

David Holbrook
Clintonville, WI
Phone: 920-250-2337
Email: trapper_dave@hotmail.com
Comments: I produce excellent quality basswood and clover honey here in Northcentral Wisconsin. I sell my honey in two styles: Liquid – what most people are used to seeing at the grocery store; and Raw – delicious and naturally creamy that my customers like to call “honey butter”. The name of my game is quality honey and dependable service at a reasonable price. I will work to keep you satisfied whether you are buying for your own use or for resale.

Calamus Creek Farms
Columbus, WI
Phone: 608-516-3072
Email: calamuscreek@tds.net
Website: www.calamuscreek.com
Comments: Calamus Creek Farms is a family owned and operated apiary committed to sustainable practices, community education, and the production of high-quality natural liquid honey, honeycomb and beeswax. We provide liquid honey in all packaging sizes from 2oz to 60lb. Our comb honey comes is produced in 8oz rounds.

Coon Creek Honey
Coon Valley, WI
Phone: 608-799-7474
Email: valleymarket@ymail.com
Comments: Our family’s honey comes from the woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and pastures of beautiful Southwest Wisconsin. Each harvest is unique because of the bounty of flowers the bees find here. Our honey is natural, pure, and always tastes amazing. There is no blending with honey from other states or countries. Our honey is RAW and lightly filtered.It has not been overheated or force-filtered. As a result, you will find tiny particles of bee’s wax and pollen in our honey that enhance its flavor and nutrition.We have all sizes and will ship it right to you. From 2oz to 60 lb pail we sell lots of creamed honey too.

Anne Bougie
De Pere, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-522-0655
Email: ggh@goldengoddesshoney.net
Website: http://www.goldengoddesshoney.net
Comments: Jars of honey, honey sticks

Dempsey Farms
Eagle, WI
Phone: 262-495-2184
Email: dempseyfarms@centurytel.net
Comments: Honey available in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 60 pound quantities.

Eric Hutchins
Eau Claire, WI
Phone: 715-491-8272
Email: eric.hutchins73@gmail.com
Comments: Raw Honey, Chunk Honey, Comb Honey

Larry’s Bee Natural
Fish Creek, WI
Phone: 920-676-0217
Email: larrysbeenaturalhoney@gmail.com
Website: http://www.larrysbeenatural.com/
Comments: All honey is 100% Wisconsin raw honey.

Indian Summer Honey Farm
Germantown, WI
Phone: 262-242-6569 (summer)
Phone: 352-429-0054 (winter – Florida)
Email: chris@indiansummerhoneyfarm.com
Email: becky@indiansummerhoneyfarm.com
Website: http://www.indiansummerhoneyfarm.com/
Comments: Honey is available on the farm only!

Ben Graham
Grafton, WI
Phone: 262-284-9104
Email: incredibeehoney@gmail.com
Comments: Raw all natural honey.

Wesley Farms
Green Bay, WI
Email: tupelobeefarm@yahoo.com
Comments: We are a family owned beekeeping operation that has been in business for over 75 years. We have Bulk or packaged Pure Door County clover honey for sale. Honey is available in 6oz, 8oz or 12oz plastic bears; 12oz plastic cylinders, 1# or 2# glass, 5# plastic, by the bucket or barrel. We also have a limited quantity of 100% Pure Florida Tupelo Honey. Feel free to email us with any questions and we will get back to you promptly. Take care and thanks for viewing.

Mike Krause
Windy Drumlins Honey
Horicon, WI
Phone: 920-319-2223
Email: michaelarliekrause@gmail.com
Website: http://www.windydrumlins.com/
Comments: Will sell honey in whatever denomination you’d like from 12oz bears to 55g drum. Call or email for pricing.

Colleen Schuster
Iron Ridge, WI
Phone: 920-625-3318
Email: cmbschuster@hotmail.com
Comments: Pure Raw, Unprocessed Honey. No chemicals used on our hives.

BPDD Honey Farms
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: 414-358-2813
Email: webedivn.914@gmail.com
Comments: Local Honey.

Bryant Family Farms LLC
Mineral Point, WI
Phone: 608-341-9268
Email: bryantfamilyfarms@gmail.com
Comments: Honey from our hives only. No mixing or adding other honey. 8oz, 16oz jars. 1,2,5 gallon jugs available as well. Pastured Poultry (chicken, duck, guinea, turkey, goose, rabbit) and grass fed goat meat available as well.

Gentle Breeze Honey
Mt. Horeb, WI
Phone: 608-832-4876
Email: ewoller@tds.net
Website: http://www.gentlebreezehoney.com/
Comments: Our primary sources of honey are white clover and alfalfa grown on Wisconsin’s finest family-owned dairy farms. There is no blending with honey from other states or countries. Our honey has been warmed and strained only. It has not been overheated or force-filtered. As a result, you will find tiny particles of bee’s wax and pollen in our honey that enhance its flavor and nutrition.

Oldbear’s Apiary
Oxford, WI
Phone: 608-697-8488
Email: oldbear@maqs.net
Comments: No meds, chemicals, or artificial feeds used. Will ship or you can pick up. Thank you.

Bethel Metz
Bethel’s Seven Hills Honey
Port Washington, WI
Phone: 262-284-6876
Email: betheljmetz@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/BethelsSevenHillsHoney
Comments: With hives spread throughout Ozaukee County in urban, suburban and rural settings, Bethel’s Seven Hills Honey sells only pure, raw, unheated honey, minimally strained, containing all of the enzymes and pollens produced naturally by the bees. All honey is kept small batch by both season and location, creating superior artisan quality honey. We sell jars of honey and cut-comb honey, honey comb filled and capped with delicious honey.

Patz Maple and Honey
Pound, WI
Phone: 800-897-2488
Email: info@patzmapleandhoney.com
Website: http://www.patzmapleandhoney.com/
Comments: Our honey is raw, unprocessed honey. It has never been heated or pasteurized so the enzymes are not destroyed. We suggest that you store raw honey at room temperature. Raw honey will not spoil.

Andrew Bonde
Randolph, WI
Phone: 92o-626-6884
Email: contact@bondebee.com
Comments: Specializing in cut-comb honey. The combs are packaged in hardshell plastic, the weights will vary from 10oz to 14oz per unit, & the honey varies from very light to darker autumn harvests. All natural, no chemicals used.

Hanson Honey Farm
Rhinelander, WI
Phone: 715-369-0383
Email: chris@hansenhoneyfarm.com
Website: http://www.hansenhoneyfarm.com/index.html
Comments: The honey is mostly clover with some alfalfa, basswood, and wildflower depending on the exact location of the hives. Seasonally there may also be a limited amount of cranberry honey available.

Kurt & Tauna Vollmer
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Phone: 920-550-1264
Email: info@vollmerapiary.com
Comments: Local Honey from South Eastern Wisconsin. Lotions, Lip Balms, Honey Roasted nuts.

Brian & Lisa Mikkelson
Spencer, WI
Phone: 715-659-9950
Email: beetles2bonestaxi@yahoo.com
Comments: Husband and wife team selling fresh raw wildflower honey by the pound, by the jar, by the bucket, or possibly by the barrel, whichever you prefer. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions, and thank you for your time.

Sue Dompke
Washington Island, WI
Phone: 920-847-2337
Email: info@sweetmountainfarm.com
Website: www.sweetmountainfarm.com
Comments: Sweet Mountain Farm, LLC builds custom white cedar beehives, raises Russian Hybrid honeybees from certified Russian stock, produces honey & maple syrup. Building better environments to establish healthy bees. Pure, unadulterated, minimally filtered honey.

Pine Lake Honey
Webster, WI
Phone: 715-410-3894
Email: davidpaulson@centurylink.net
Comments: Local, raw honey. Unheated, untreated mild honey from wildflowers of Burnett County. Sell from a pint to 5 gallons.

Bare Naked Honey Farm
Weston, WI
Phone: 715-513-6223
Email: barenakedhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Our family farm’s honey comes from the woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and pastures of beautiful central Wisconsin. Each harvest is unique because of the bounty of flowers the bees find here. Our honey is natural, pure, and always tastes amazing.  Natural farming, no toxic chemicals, and we never truck our bees.
Sold locally straight to our customers and online coops.

Shannon Leer
Whitehall, WI
Phone: 715-797-5984
Email: beeslave@gmail.com
Comments: Bulk raw honey in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon barrels. Bottled honey also available.

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