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Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-901-5245
Email: henkeshoney@aol.com
Comments: Honey, Honey Comb

Issaquah, WA
Email: mike@blacknugget.com
Comments: We have Blackberry, Raspberry, Knotweed, Fireweed and seasonally Lavender. We sell in 8oz, 1 lb jars, 1 gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon drums.

Sunshine Honey Company, LLC
Lake Stevens, WA
Phone: 206-295-3617
Email: sunshinehoneycompany@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sunshinehoneycompany.com/home.html
Comments: Local honey.

Bingaling Bees
Mount Vernon, WA
Phone: 360-708-9424
Email: Brad.Raspet@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bingalingbees.com
Comments: Our honey is never heated above room or the natural hive temperature. We gently strain our honey – so that you can enjoy a premium “All Natural” Honey with all the subtle flavors, beneficial phytonutrients, and healthy antioxidants that should be in your honey and everyone’s honey!

Honey Hole Honey
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206 313-5567
Email: bradleyhole@gmail.com
Website: http://www.honeyholehoney.com
Comments: Local raw honey from the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Available in 12 oz jars.  Visit our website for list of purveyors or contact us directly.

Seattle, WA
Email: chefif@comcast.net
Comments: We have local honey for sale. All of our honey is 100% pure, all natural, and raw. We have Wile berry honey, wild flower honey, and creamed honey.

Seattle, WA
Email: joshvolmer@hotmail.com
Comments: We have pure local wildflower honey available now. About us: We are small time beekeepers with only a handful of hives. Our honey comes from the local flowers in our area (mostly blackberry) and we think it’s quite good. If you are looking for pure local honey then look no further.

Northwest Bee Supply
Mike Radford
Sequim, WA
Phone: 855-796-8544
Email: radford180@gmail.com
Website: Northwestbeesupply.com
Comments: Local Raw Honey 1 pound Queenline Jars or 1 pound Squeeze Bottles (BPA FREE)

Jacqueline Pouyat
Sequim/Dungeness, WA
Phone: 360-683-3893
Email: honey@naturadesigns.com
Comments: Blackberry, Wild Flower, Lavender are the primary varieties we offer. Our honey is coarsely filtered & never heated. Sold in 1lb 6oz jars. We practice biodynamic beekeeping, with our primary objective being the raising of happy healthy honeybees. We minimize stress factors by allowing our bees to develop in accordance with their true nature. Providing a chemical free habitat and extracting only a limited amount of honey each Fall, leaving them more than enough to remain well nourished even in the coldest of Winters. Our hives are located on the North Olympic Peninsula in and around the prairie and farmlands of Sequim/Dungeness Washington.

Jeff Zenk
Shelton, WA
Phone: 360-791-5900
Email: jeff@chinookconsulting.com
Comments: Small scale local beekeeper selling maple, blackberry, knotweed, and fireweed honey in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz jars.

Outdoor Bee Co.
Spokane, WA
Phone: 509-850-0454
Email: ruben@outdoorbee.com
Website: http://www.outdoorbee.com/
Comments: Wildflower, star thistle and mint honey available.

Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-910-5160
Email: mikeuro@msn.com
Comments: Local Honey.

Nick Lyash
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-910-6393
Email: nickshoney@hotmail.com
Website: nickshoneybees.com
Comments: Raw Honey

Shady Lane Bees
Whidbey Island, WA
Phone: 360-720-4330
Email: robert@shadylanebees.com
Website: http://shadylanebees.com/
Comments: Raw Whidbey Island Honey. Pure, minimally processed honey, gently strained but never filtered or heated from bee hives on Whidbey Island.

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