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Scott Munsey
Bedford, VA
Phone: 540-597-6479
Comments: Local honey sold by the pound, quarts, pints and squeeze bottles. cut comb and without.

Richard Reid
Blacksburg, VA
Phone: 540-320-0763
Comments: Local, raw, unheated wildflower honey from treatment free bees located in Montgomery and Giles County, VA.  1# squeeze bottles, 12 oz. hex glass, pints, and half pints available.

Cindy Patterson
Charlottesville, VA
Phone: 434-295-4284
Comments: Local Raw Honey , Candles , Gift Baskets , Bees Wax

Stony Point Apiaries
Charlottesville, VA
Phone: 434-974-7641
Comments: Local, raw honey in a variety of weights.

Locust Grove Apiary, LLC
Check, VA
Phone: 540-651-4669
Comments: Local Floyd and Patrick County Va wildflower honey and Sourwood exclusively from Patrick County Va. Honey packed to customers requirements.

Kacey Jones
Chesapeake, VA
Phone: 757-408-5201
Comments: We sale local, raw honey. Our hives are located throughout the Tidewater area. We can provide bulk honey for baking, a variety of jars for gifting, or a squeeze bottles convenient for every day table use or a small bottle to take on-the-go.

Terry Rosvall
Chesterfield, VA
Phone: 804-271-1565
Comments: Delicious raw honey, never pasteurized, packaged in a variety of sizes from 8 oz to five pounds. Beeswax candles in a variety of designs and sizes- tapers, skep hive, columns, hexagonal, and more.

Bee Sweet Homey Farm
Clintwood, VA
Phone: 276-926-8838
Comments: 12oz bears and everything in between up to quart jars!

Bjoern’s Bees, LLC
Falls Church, VA
Phone: 571-317-0909
Comments: Fairfax County Beekeeper is selling local raw honey and 100% pure beeswax candles. All our bees live in Fairfax County. Our honey is produced locally, no chemicals treatments have been used in the bee hives. Visit for sizes/pricing information.

Shane Clatterbaugh
Fishersville, VA
Phone: 540-941-8127
Comments: Mossy Creek Apiaries Local Raw Honey and Comb Honey

Cardinal Apiaries
Fredericksburg, VA
Phone: 571-722-9472
Comments: We are a small, family owned farm dedicated to supplying our friends and neighbors with the best Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) local raw honey Stafford County has to offer. Our bees visit the blossoms all around us to collect nectar, which they turn into a wonderful amber wildflower honey. The smooth, rich flavor mirrors the natural diversity in Stafford County.

Homestead Traditionals
David Fitzgerald
Goochland, VA
Phone: 804-457-4888
Comments: Located just off I-64 halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville offering raw wildflower honey (liquid, comb, chunk and creamed). All honey produced from our hives located here in central Virginia and processed without heat in our licensed and inspected honey house. We also offer many different styles of 100% bee’s wax candles made with wax from our hives and produced in the Homestead shop. Please call ahead to visit or purchase.

Sweet Sophia
Lake Ridge, VA
Phone: 703-494-1316
Comments: Local wildflower honey, honey candies, infused honey, creamed honey, honey straws, lip balms, lotions & salves, soaps, and candles.

Bill Abell
AutumnSong Apiary
Lexington, VA
Phone: 540-416-7803
Comments: Pure, Raw, Local Honey, Unheated and Unfiltered, 1 lb glass bottles, 12-ounce squeeze bears, other sizes available by request.

Mike Hott
McGaheysville, VA
Phone: 540-383-3323
Comments: local raw honey.

Jerry Rhodes
Narrows, VA
Phone: 540-726-2919
Comments: We have clover and wildflower honey from Giles County, VA and Monroe County, WVA. It is sold in half pints, pints, and quarts jars. This is raw honey and none with comb for now. We also have honey butter in one pound packages.

Lindsey Lee and Todd Wever
Orange County, VA
Phone: 540-212-3211
Comments: Toad A Lee Bees provides local raw honey in all size jars glass and plastic.

Andralyn Farm
Remington, VA
Phone: 540-905-5563
Comments: We offer local, wildflower honey and specialty honey.

Daniel Brown
Rustburg, VA
Phone: 434-258-6862
Comments: 1 pound squeeze bottles.

Hope Road Honey
Stafford, VA
Phone: 540-659-2245
Comments: We specialize in multiple sizes of Raw Local Honey, Beeswax Candles, Skincare Products, Pre-packaged Gifts as well as Custom Orders.

Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms
Stafford County, VA
Phone: 703-595-1179
Comments: We sell 1, 2 and 3 lb bottles of clover and wildflower honey. We also sell 5 gallon buckets. In addition we offer Honey Cinnamon Jelly and Honey Pumpkin Pie Spice Jelly. We have Pollen and sell candles made from our beeswax.

Horseshoe Point Honey
Suffolk, VA
Phone: 757-255-0989
Comments: We sell our raw spring and summer honey in jars and bears. We can do specialty orders in small containers for wedding/ shower/ party favors. We also sell bee pollen, candles, and cosmetic grade beeswax.

Jeffrey Allen
Tappahannock, VA
Phone: 804-761-1369
Comments: honey

Bubba’s Sweet Nectar, LLC
Waynesboro, VA
Phone: 540-415-0409
Comments: We provide pure raw honey that is non-pasteurized nor ultra-filtrated.  We can wholesale to distributors or to local providers, private-your label to supplement your supply to your customers, or custom infuse and bottle your honey. We are inspected by the FDA and VDACS rules and regulations. We carry 12 Oz,16 Oz, 32 Oz, 22 Oz, 44 Oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallons of Pure Honey no additives

Donald Cole
Williamsburg, VA
Phone: 757-745-9081
Comments: Honey is available for sale in a 22oz (624g) jar. Our honey is pure and raw.  It is never pasteurized or high-pressure filtered. This is important as it retains the enzymes, trace vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, antibacterial properties, and natural taste and aroma of the honey. We are committed to producing the finest quality honey.  No chemicals are used in our hives and we employ sound beekeeping practices.

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