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Nate Henderson
Amarillo/Clarendon TX
Phone: 806-674-3163
Email: nater137@hotmail.com
Comments: I have Raw Honey lightly filtered. I have bee hives scattered across Amarillo city limits. I also have bees in Clarendon that are on wild plum, cotton, pumpkins, alfalfa, mesquite, and wild flowers. We sell 1 lb. bottles.

Pete Glasser
Arlington, TX
Phone: 817-991-0671
Email: peteglasser@gmail.com
Comments: Raw honey from our own hives from Tarrant, Johnson counties.

Scotty Victor
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-213-2261
Email: hello@hellohoney.be
Comments: Unheated and Raw Honey by the pound. No pesticides or chemicals used on the bees. From 100% clean hives. Also have honey from apiaries in the Dallas area.

Jeffrey Todd
Buda, TX
Phone: 512-586-7545
Email: jtodd19@austin.rr.com
Comments: My name is Jeffrey and I am a beekeeper with honey for sale from the Austin, Buda, and general Central Texas area. I use no chemicals whatsoever in my beekeeping operation and my honey is never heated or filtered. Honeys range from very light to very dark and have a wide variety of distinctive flavors, depending on the flowers visited by the bees at various times.

Creek House Honey Farm
Canyon, TX
Phone: 806-678-8048
Email: creekhousehoneyfarm@gmail.com
Website: creekhousehoneyfarm.com
Comments: Local, raw honey from the Texas Panhandle!

Darren Riggle
Clear Lake City, TX
Phone: 281-799-5468
Email: rigglenfp@att.net
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RigglesHoneybees
Comments: My honey is derived directly from beehives in my backyard and the surrounding community of the Middlebrook subdivision (77059). Spring honey, available now, combines the goodness of nectar and pollen from Dutch clover, wildflowers, citrus trees, Texas privet, cherry laurel, and tallow trees. I have friends helping me, so I am able to also have hives in Friendswood and an area at the bordering towns of Santa Fe and Alvin. The bees are nurtured and maintained through non-chemical and sugar-free means, so you are able to consume the most healthy honey derived from basically your own backyard. Sell in tabletop containers from 1-pound up to 5-pounds.

GKW Farms
Cleveland, TX
Gene & Kathy Weitzel
Phone: 281-768-9900
Email: geneweitzel88@gmail.com
Comments: We have lightly filtered chemical free honey from untreated bees. It ranges from light to medium amber. We also have a limited quantity of very light premium Sourwood honey from the Chattahoochee National Forest area in northern Georgia. It varies from year to year but we may also have Blackberry and Texas Tupelo.

Kenny Rocka
Conroe, TX
Phone: 832-656-0336
Email: rocka@beesweetfarms.com
Comments: We have raw honey for sale in pint and quart sizes.

D.D. Allen
Cypress, TX
Phone: 281-415-3415
Email: cypresshoney@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I am a hobby beekeeper and have available all natural honey from hives located along Cypress Creek in NW Houston, Cypress, Tx

Mack Casey
Danbury, TX
Phone: 979-848-6533
Email: mack.casey@att.net
Comments: Local Honey unfiltered unheated from our personal hives.

Bob Fromme
Floresville, TX
Phone: 830-3934176
Email: rfromme@hughes.net
Comments: We keep bees in Wilson and Frio County. Most of our honey is very light with the bees working assorted acacia and wild flowers in the brush country.

Tim and Brittany Miller
Gilmer, TX
Phone: 903-241-1724
Email: tdmfarms1@gmail.com
Comments: Our honey is from our hives in our own pastures in Upshur County. Our honey is never heated, and only filtered through a 200 micron sieve to remove hive debris. Our hives are never treated with any chemicals. We are a small scale operation running about 15 hives. Please give us a call for great tasting local honey!

Greenville, TX
Phone: 903-268-3029
Email: ross@myoldtools.com
Comments: I have chemical free, unheated, lightly filtered honey from Hunt County and Lamar County Texas. This is medium amber honey from spring and summer wild flowers.

Fancy Pants Apiaries
Keller, TX
Phone: 817-308-1873
Email: eric_luebbert@yahoo.com
Comments: We have local honey from the spring from the Tarrant/Denton/Parker County areas. We also have cotton honey. Email or Call for Prices.

David Hunn
Kennedale, TX
Phone: 817-575-7807
Email: davidhunn23@gmail.com
Comments: Hunn Ranch Honey: We collect 100% pure, all natural organic Texas honey made by happy bees on our ranch along the banks of Village Creek in Kennedale, Texas. It comes directly from the hive to you with no processing, straight from the source, retaining all the naturally sweet complex flavor of honey the way it used to be.

Jack Isbell
Killeen, TX
Phone: 254-526-9173
Email: isbellbees@gmail.com
Comments: Local Honey, contains pollen and is never heated. You receive pure Central Texas Local Raw Honey

Tom Brueggen
Kingwood, TX
Phone: 636-345-0997
Email: brueggensbees@gmail.com
Comments: I have primarily liquid honey harvested off of my hives in my back yard, right here in Kingwood. My honey is never heated, and only filtered through a 200 micron sieve to remove hive debris. No micro filtration that might remove pollen. My hives are never treated with any chemicals. I do have limited availability of chunk comb honey, and can bottle comb honey on request. I also may have creamed honey on occasion. It all just depends on what’s in stock. I’m a small scale sideliner running ~10-15 colonies. I typically sell out of honey in late winter every year, but don’t hesitate to call and see what I have!

Matt Fuller
Montgomery, TX
Phone: 979-255-9971
Email: fuller.farm.tx@gmail.com
Website: Fullerfarmtx.com
Comments: a wide variety of Raw, 100% True Texas Honey

Walter Sanchez
Moulton, TX
Phone: 713-816-6798
Email: waltersta90@gmail.com
Comments: My wife and I are hobby beekeepers. We have raw unfiltered and unheated honey and do not use chemicals on our hives. This year’s honey is a light amber color.

Mark de Kiewiet
San Antanio/Schertz, TX
Phone: 210-863-8024
Email: africanqueenapiary@att.net
Comments: Honey from different times of the year and flower surge, raw and glass bottled 2, 4, 8, 16 oz. Honey infused with Ginger or Aniseed. Limited amount of Comb honey

SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique
Sienna Plantation, TX
Phone: 832-303-1595
Email: nes@sweetneshoney.com
Website: sweetneshoney.com
Comments: Hi Honey! 100% Pure Raw Unfiltered, Never Heated Local Honey, Creamed Honeys in a variety of flavors. Here at SweetNes Honey we prefer natural beekeeping with only minimal interventions. Our approach comes from the perspective that honey bees are amazingly successful creatures that, if given the opportunity, can succeed without human intervention. Our goal is to provide the bees with a good environment in which to thrive without us.

Steven Pankratz
Stockdale, TX
Phone: 210-880-5514
Email: Steve4Bees@gmail.com
Comments: We sell Local Raw Honey. Local, meaning from within 70 miles of Stockdale Texas. RAW, meaning we do not heat the honey above ambient room temperature. SOURCES are largely from local wild flowers in Guadelupe, Bexar, Atascosa, Wilson, Karnes, and Gonzalez counties.

Empire Apiary
Sugar Land, TX
Phone: 832-451-0545
Email: empireapiary@gmail.com
Comments: We sell small batch, never heated, hand processed local honey in the Sugar Land area. We use essential oils to control pests and our bees are 100% free range and therefore always free to leave. (They don’t because-honestly, it’s a sweet life). We leave 60lbs of honey per hive for the winter and sell the rest locally. When we run out we run out for the season. Jack Whitley-Beekeeper 832-451-0545

Kris Loveless
Trenton, TX
Phone: 972-814-0290
Email: kris.loveless@att.net
Comments: Pure, raw, local honey from our hive to your kitchen.

Pride and Joy Farms
Troy, TX
Phone: 254-231-5822
Email: scott@prideandjoyfarms.com
Comments: Pure Raw Unprocessed Honey, 1#, 1/2#, 1/4# Only at this time.

I-C Ranch Honey
Victoria, TX
Phone: 361-571-2155
Email: mo825641@gmail.com
Comments: My bees live on a family owned ranch. They produce the sweetest honey in the Victoria area. I-C Ranch honey is raw unfiltered with no additives and not heated.

Washington County, TX
Phone: 979-277-0411
Email: michael@kellingphotography.com
Comments: Unprocessed natural honey from Washington County.

Jarod Hoover
Weatherford, TX
Phone: 817-374-9816
Email: jarod@hooverhoney.com
Website: www.hooverhoney.com
Comments: Raw Pure Unfiltered Parker County Honey

Brian Mcquilkin
Winona, TX
Phone: 903-253-9865
Email: info@idealhoneybees.com
Website: Idealhoneybees.com
Comments: Raw natural Honey, Pollen

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