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Cliff Phillippie
Brentwood, TN
Phone: 615-202-1702
Email: Arete.Food.Products@gmail.com
Comments: Raw Honey from hives in Brentwood and Glendale (Columbia)

Cecil S. Dowdy
Byrdstown, TN
Phone: 931-864-3831
Email: cdowdy@twlakes.net
Comments: Local honey.

Talon Redding
Carthage, TN
Phone: 615-677-1886
Email: talonredding@icloud.com
Comments: 100% pure, raw honey. No antibiotics and no additives! Custom orders are a possibility. Delivery available to local customers.

Chattanooga, TN
Phone: 423-822-2219
Email: ginny@flybydayhoney.com
Website: flybydayhoney.com
Comments: Local Pure Raw Honey- visit our website for more info.

Jeremy Snider
Cleveland, TN
Phone: 423-762-2225
Email: bbranchapiary@gmail.com
Comments: 100% pure raw local honey. Sold in pints and quarts.

David Laferney
Cookeville, TN
Phone or text: 931-261-7211
Email: david.laferney@gmail.com
Website: http://cookevillehoney.com/
Comments: Pure raw local honey delivered free in and around Cookeville TN.

Terry Woodard
Dresden, TN
Phone: 731-364-5775
Email: twoodard@citlink.net
Comments: Local honey packaged in 12,16 and 40 ounce containers.

Charles Wilson
Etowah, TN
Phone: 423-665-2092
Email: cwilson@countrygardenapiaries.com
Website: https://countrygardenapiaries.com
Comments: Delicious 100% pure raw honey with free shipping on all orders.

Andy Sudbrock
Fairview, TN
Phone: 615-799-8719
Email: andy@nashvillenatives.com
Website: www.plantsforpollinators.com
Comments: All natural, pure, raw honey from the honeybees at our pollinator sanctuary in middle TN.

Matthew Campbell
Hampton, TN
Phone: 423-342-0715
Email: tennesseebeeman@aim.com
Comments: local honey

Poor Hollow Bee Farm
James M. Wagner
Kingsport, TN
Phone: 865-332-0603 or 205-516-9589
Email: dixiebooks@juno.com
Website: www.poorhollowbeefarm.us
Comments: Pure, raw honey from treatment-free bees. No sugar water fed in year of harvest.

Jeff Quillin
Kingsport, TN
Phone: 423-288-5440
Email: jquillin@charter.net
Comments: Quillin Apiaries. “Home of the Working Girls”. 100% Raw, Local Wildflower Honey. Area is surrounded with Mature Tulip Poplar. We sell 1lb, 2lb, pints and quarts. Ross Round Comb Honey also available.

George Windle
Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-659-1437
Email: cas.inc@tds.net
Comments: Local honey from deep west Knoxville (Concord) treatment free bees. Pints and quarts, chunk honey and comb honey.

Joseph Chianelli
Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-300-7006
Email: spec23@frontier.com
Comments: We have local honey.

Bill Dillard
Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-201-0814
Email: bdillard@dillardgroup.net
Comments: Raw, all natural liquid honey, chunk honey & comb honey. Wildflower honey, plus varietal honeys. Varietal honeys from differ from multifloral or wildflower honeys by the predominance of nectar collected from a single type of plant. I typically have Sourwood, Basswood, Locust and Tupelo.

Skipper Luttrell
Lawrenceburg, TN
Phone: 931-629-2554
Email: luttrellr@bellsouth.net
Comments: Treatment free,  Wild flower honey.

Robert Luttrell
Lawrenceburg, TN
Phone: 931-629-2554
Email: luttrellr@bellsouth.net
Comments: Treatment free wild flower honey.

Jeff Rutledge
Lebanon, TN
Phone: 615-330-6328
Email: jdrutledge62@gmail.com
Comments: Local Raw Wild Flower Honey

Maepop Farm
Loudon County, TN
Email: randall.lowery@gmail.com
Comments: Seasonal Honey, “Free Range” bees. Sold in pints

Fat O’ The Land Farms
Maynardville, TN
Email: apiarist.langley@gmail.com
Website: http://fatothelandfarm.webs.com/
Comments: Pure Local Honey.

Ronny Clift
Memphis, TN
Phone: 901-239-4289
Email: ronnyclift@yahoo.com
Comments: Pure Natural Honey

Billy Joe Adair
Moscow, TN
Phone: 901-268-0528
Email: billyjoeadair@bellsouth.net
Comments: Local honey produced in Southwest Tennessee. Honey is for sale in various size containers from jars to buckets. I also have chunk comb honey and beeswax. Shipping and bulk pricing available.

Gamecock Apiaries
Ken Kizer
Murfreesboro, TN
Phone: 615-907-1377 or 615-542-6314
Email: tngamecockfan@gmail.com
Comments: I currently have hives in the city limits of Murfreesboro, outskirts of Murfreesboro and Readyville area. I have been told by repeat customers that this is the best honey they have ever eaten. Was even told that my an English lady….and they know their honey. If you have allergies and live in the M’boro area then use my honey. The majority of the honey comes from hives in my backyard and I live about 1 mile from downtown. I do blend honey from some of my other apiaries to give the honey more of the pollen properties of the area. Many of my repeat customers swear by my honey when it comes to reducing/eliminating their allergy symptoms.

Allens Honey Farm
Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-833-3383
Email: allengsa@bellsouth.net
Comments: Local pure raw honey. Lightly strained.

Todd Cantrell
Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-830-6030
Email: urbanhivehoney@gmail.com
Website: Urban-hive-honey.com
Comments: Raw honey

Rickert Apiaries
Portland, TN
Phone: 615-888-3684
Email: krickert@nctc.com
Comments: Locally produced Honey

Drakes Creek Apiaries
Portland, TN
Phone: 615-419-5281
Email: beeman@exede.net
Comments: Organically Managed Raw Honey.

Hilltop Hives
Signal Mountain, TN
Phone: 423-886-2944
Email: cholcomb@bullmoosetube.com
Comments: local honey

Thorn Hill, TN
Phone: 423-733-8406
Email: deanloper@hotmail.com
Comments: Local Honey

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