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Latshaw Apiaries LLC
Alexandria, OH
Phone: 614-855-9065
Email: LeahLatshaw at hotmail.com
Website: http://latshawapiaries.com/
Comments: All Natural Honey. We offer a variety of great tasting pure all natural honey products.

Arlington, OH
Phone: 419-722-7040
Email: Firemn17@Yahoo.com
Comments: Local wildflower honey. 1 lb. bears, 2.5 lb quarts, Gallons, 5 gallon buckets. Maple Syrup too!

Darren Leach
Barnesville, OH
Phone: 740-425-2683
Email: darrenleach@comcast.net
Comments: Honey both light and dark in the following sizes. 1 Pound Jar, 2 Pound Jar, 5 Pound Jar, 5 Gallon Bucket.

Smith Family Farms
Bethel, OH
Phone: 513-734-6009
Email: info@all-natural-honey.com
Website: http://all-natural-honey.com/
Comments: All Natural Honey. 8 oz, 12 oz honey bears. 16 oz, 24 oz containers.

Brunswick, OH
Email: YBCute@Peoplepc.com
Comments: 300# available in 4 gallon pails. Light and dark. Filtered and warmed.

Chillicothe, OH
Phone: 7740-663-2014
Email: jeanettepen@yahoo.com
Comments: Unheated, lightly filtered wildflower honey. Quarts.  Has very good shelf life.

Cree’s Bees
Columbus, OH
Email: creesbees@yahoo.com
Comments: Retail honey and candles.

Ron Zickefoose
Creston, OH
Phone: 330-466-3642
Email: ronz@asap-homes.com
Website: www.ohiobeefarm.com
Comments: All natural raw Ohio honey.

Bench’s Bees & Honey
Curtice, OH
Phone: 567-316-0231
Email: benchsbeeshoney@gmail.com
Website: www.benchsbeeshoney.com
Comments: Fill your own Local Raw Honey and pre-bottled honey available!

Michael Marconi (Marconi”s Raw Honey)
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Phone: 330-923-0632 (home) 330-861-9377 (mobile)
Email: JudoMonk@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Offer honey in 1/2 & 1 pint mason jars. All natural…never heated, treated nor filtered. All the hives are located in the beautiful, clean hills of Carrollton, Ohio.

Charles Young
Findlay, OH
Phone: 574-780-0697
Email: youngn5@gmail.com
Comments: All my hives are in Findlay. I only have raw, unheated, unfiltered pure honey straight from the hive. I offer 1 lb inverted squeeze bottles. 1gal (12 lbs) buckets, and 5gal (60lb) buckets.

Joe Vermillion
Findlay, OH
Phone: 419-894-6403
Email: mapleman419@gmail.com
Website: http://justnaturalsweeteners.com/index.html
Comments: 5 gallon buckets( 60 lbs.). Will deliver, contact me for possible free delivery

Jerry Hinton
Grove City, OH
Phone: 614-506-4523
Email: hintonapiaries@gmail.com
Website: Hintonapiaries.com
Comments: Seasonal and varietal honey. Various wildflowers, clover, Goldenrod, Star Thistle, limited quantity of Buckwheat, Tulip Popular, Blueberry, Raspberry and Apple Blossom. Limited wholesale 60lb pails.

High Mill Apiaries
Mike Gillmore
Massillon, OH
Phone: 330-830-1519
Email: hma@sssnet.com
Comments: Unfiltered, Unheated, Raw Local Honey

Donnelly Farms
McClure, OH
Phone: 419-260-6263 (Jack)
Email: mdonnelly368@gmail.com
Website: http://www.donnellyfarmsohio.com/
Comments: Local raw honey

Combs Bee Farm
Milford Center, OH
Phone: 937-349-4445
Email: qcw1@columbus.rr.com
Comments: Raw local honey

Mark Moody
Moscow, OH
Phone: 513-535-7804
Email: mfabees@fuse.net
Comments: Produce NW, SW, and SE Ohio Honey. Sell liquid honey in various sizes from 2 oz to 60 pound buckets. Sell crystallized unprocessed, unheated, and unfiltered honey in pints and quarts. Sell 1 pound boxes of comb honey and chunk honey in pints and quarts. Also sell beeswax in bulk.

John Gesner
New Albany, OH
Email: beekeeper@g-honey.net
Website: www.G-honey.net
Comments: Pure, all natural, wildflower honey from our hives in the Gahanna/New Albany area.

Smith Brothers Sweets
Sandusky, OH
Phone: 419-722-8776
Email: smithbrossweet@gmail.com
Comments: Wildflower 8oz, 12oz, 1.5lb and quarts

Myers Honey
Swanton, OH
Phone: 419-875-6399
Email: rogerjudymyers@msn.com
Comments: Local Northwest Ohio wildflower Honey with apiaries in Fulton, Lucas, and Wood counties. 1 lb, 2 lb, 4 lb jars; 20 lb & 40 lb buckets.

David’s Honey
Toledo, OH
Phone: 419-three four 9-6401
Email: Veith@toast.net
Comments: Local unfiltered raw honey. Bottled in most common sizes. We all so sell bees wax and lip balm.

Dew Bee Honey Farm
Trumbull County, OH
Phone: 330-872-7841
Email: beedude@earthlink.net
Comment: Our honey is not filtered or heated. Most of our honey is seasonal wildflower but every now and then we get some Black Locust or other single source varieties. Please call for price and availability.

Waterville, OH
Phone: 419-351-0933
Email: drew4justice@yahoo.com
Comments: Local organic honey.

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