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Hillside Honey
Andes, NY
Phone: 845-676-3833
Comments: Raw local honey from the Beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York.

Astor Apiaries
Nick Hoefly
Astoria, NY
Phone: 352.875.5642
Comments: Providing NYC honey, beeswax products and beekeeping services in the Greater NYC area.

Tom’s Honey Bees
Bay Shore, NY
Comments: Local Long Island Wildflower Honey. Also: beeswax candles, lip balm, propolis, pollen, beeswax, honey bees.

Squeak Creek Apiaries
Brasher Falls, NY
Phone: 315-769-2566
Comments: I deliver honey to stores in The North Country from Peru to Saranac Lake to Canton to Ogdensburg. Always looking for new retail customers. I do direct store delivery w/ cash or check upon delivery or net thirty check. I sell direct to the public if you call ahead to make an appointment for pickup. I’m a full time beekeeper, honey producer, packer and distributor. So who knows when I’ll be home.

Ward Graham
Brighton, NY
Phone: 585-758-1060
Comments: local raw organic honey, cut comb

Ryan McCullough
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 917-667-0626
Comments: I sell raw local honey.

Jessica McNamara
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 518-209-4977
Comments: Raw honey from treatment-free hives.

Hungry Bear Farms
Canandaigua, NY
Phone: 585-412-8745
Comments: Our honey is raw and chemical free. We do not treat our bees with any chemicals and do not heat or super filter our honey. It will naturally crystallize in time. We extract at different times of the year so that we can get honey from each nectar flow and season. We have available at our store in Canandaigua- Raw Honey in many sizes, varieties and containers, Cut Comb Honey, Creamed Honey, Honey Sticks, seasonal Pollen, and Propolis. Some of our Honey that is available- Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Buckwheat & Blueberry. Wholesale pricing available for our honey and we do ship.

Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm
Cattaraugus, NY
Phone: 716-969-1046
Comments: Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm has wildflower honey from summer and fall flows for sale. Located in the Southern tier of Western New York. Our honey is never heated, so crystalization will happen. Selling in 8 oz, 24 oz and 48 oz jars.

Davis Naturally Pure Raw Honey
Cayuga, NY
Phone: 315-730-5780
Comments: Fresh raw honey

Angry Bee Acres
Cicero, NY
Phone: 315-569-6662
Comments: We sell raw local honey to both wholesale and retail customers in the Central New York region. Various sizes and packaging options available.

Everything Honey Bee, Inc.
Clark Mills, NY
Phone: 518-860-9425
Comments: We specialize in live colony removal and relocation. We bottle our own Honey, make Beeswax Candles, Soap and produce other Honey Bee products.

David L. Howe
Danby, NY
Phone: 607-319-0903
Comments: Providing Summer Locust and Basswood Honey and providing Fall Goldenrod and Bamboo Honey.

Deborah Corcoran
Delhi, NY
Phone: 607-746-6316
Comments: Our bees are very happy here in the Western Catskill Mountains of NY State, and in return for their great location, they produce the best pure raw honey here locally in Delhi. Our honey can be found at Crossroads Cafe, Delhi Diner, Bryn Ayr Farm Stand and our own honey stand at our home.

Gowanda, NY
Comments: We sell golden rod and Japanese Knotwood honey everything from 1 lb and 4 lb glass jars to 5gal pals and drums.

John & Carl
Hamburg, NY
Phone: 716-648-1122
Comments: Honey

Buckabee Honey
Huntington, NY
Phone: 631-385-4039
Comments: Pure Raw Honey- Wildflower

Horton Hill Farm
Jefferson, NY
Phone: 607-652-9450
Comments: We extract local, all natural, raw Bee Pee honey made from Catskill Mountain wild flowers. Available at our farm or local specialty shops.

Eric’s Honey Farm
Manlius, NY
Phone: 315-415-6566
Comments: All Natural Honey from pesticide-free hives. Available in small or large quantities. All glass jars or drip-less squeeze bottles (with dispenser lid on bottom)
Varieties include… Goldenrod Honey,  Summer Wildflower Honey, Fall Wildflower Honey, Apple Blossom Honey. Gift boxed sets, Cut Comb Honey, Creamed Honey (also known as “Spun Honey” or “Honey Butter” made from 100% pure honey, no other ingredients). We NEVER EVER use chemicals or pesticides in our hives since our bees have been bred over generations to be ideally adapted to the Central New York environment. Our bees also build their own wax foundations to prevent wax contamination from being introduced into the hives (miticides currently used by most beekeepers chemically bind to wax molecules often contaminating commercially produced honeycomb foundation).

Walker Stevenson
New York, NY
Phone: 212-662-2775
Comments: Whole and half pounds of 100% unfiltered local honey from bees foraging on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Don Bertholf jr
North Branch, NY
Phone: 845-807-1085
Comments: Local Honey for sale, by the pound. Sullivan County NY

Chuck & Karen Kutik
Kutik’s Honey Farm
Norwich, NY
Phone: 607-336-4105
Comments: Clover, Buckwheat Honey

Joel & Teresa Babcock
Owego, NY
Phone: 607-354-6019
Comments: Fall honey, spring honey, chunk honey, comb honey, Raw honey, beeswax, propolis, propolis tincture, bulk honey, creamed honey, infused honey.

Shawn Lapierre
Pine Valley, NY
Phone: 607-739-6386
Comments: 8 oz. Hex, 12 oz. Hex, quart jars

Mike Ruggiero
Plattekill, NY
Phone: 845-597-2598
Comments: I’m selling pint glass jars of honey. They are about 1.5 pounds of honey. The honey is chemical free all natural and from wild flowers. I been told it’s the best around. If I don’t pick up leave a voice mail and I’ll call asap.

Pat Bono
Seaway Trail Honey
Rochester, NY
Phone: 585-820-6619
Comments: Raw Honey, Cut Comb Honey, Creamed (candied) Honey, Apple Blossom Honey; Mini honey bears and containers for gift & wedding & party favors; Beeswax & candles. Certified: Kosher. Sells Products at Brighton Farmers Market, Simply New York Store, Rochester NY ( Honey available at: Wave Hill gardens, Bronx, NYC; Little Bleu Cheese Shop, Rochester NY. Also local delivery to Eastern Monroe County & Western Wayne County; USPS/Fedex shipping available. – Honored to have our honey served at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Luncheon, Washington DC.

Rockland Honey
Rockland, NY
Phone: 845-202-2575
Comments: We produce 100% pure raw honey. Located in Rockland County upstate New York, where the trees are green and the air is fresh and crisp. We currently have 15 bee hives. My 2 sons David and Isaac help with the bees making this hobby a special one. Free shipping on orders over $50.

David Dunn
Salisbury Mills, NY
Phone: 845-542-7527
Comments: Local pure raw honey chemical free from the great Hudson Valley, NY Sold in 1lb and 2lb glass Jars. Shipping available.

Spy Coast Bee Farm
Setauket, NY
Phone: 516-680-3020
Comments: Raw honey.

Don Streib
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-440-5119
Comments: Locally sourced honey from central New York.

Melissa Golden Honey
Walton, NY
Phone: 347-837-7325
Comments: We produce Organic, Pure Honey from our beehives to your plate.

Jacob Hirschey
West Monroe, NY
Phone: 315-877-8945
Comments: Treatment-free RAW varietal honeys

Joel Babcock and Niechelle Wade
Sunny Hill Farm
Whitney Point, NY
Phone: 607-692-7911
Honey, Chunk Honey, Comb, Creamed, & bulk; wholesale or retail.
 Also available: 
Pollen, propolis, honey soap and skin care products, beeswax and beeswax candles.

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