New Mexico

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Michas Honey House
Anthony, NM
Phone: 915-603-7499
Comments: Raw honey -not hard hot filtered. Hard to say what kind, but I have lots of mesquite, cotton, alfalfa and wild flowers around my me. We do not sell or collect wild flower desert honey from/after September; it stinks! Bee-ware; you may find wax, pollen and bee parts on our honey. Wholesale/resale quantities.

R Bee Farm
Farnington, NM
Phone: 505-327-1310
Comments: I have raw wildflower honey from SW Colorado and NW New Mexico. I also have beeswax.

Bob Bleakley
Mimbres Valley Honey
San Lorenzo, NM

San Juan Apiaries
John Gagne
Santa Fe, NM
Phone: 505-424-7025
Comments: New Mexico Regional Honey. Alfalfa (light) 60’s and case lots. Clover / Wildflower Mix (Amber) 60’s and case lots. We do not buy and resell honey.

Zia Queenbees Farm & Field Institute
Truchas, NM
Phone: 505-929-8080
Comments: Pure & Raw Varietal Honeys (from desert to alpine; raw propolis and propolis products, Rocky Mountain royal jelly. All products produced in treatment free hives in the isolated mountains of northern NM.

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