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Jordan Atkins
Clumsy Keepers Honey
Clark, MO
Phone: 573-239-7175
Email: atkinshoneybees@hotmail.com
Comments: Local raw honey. I only sell honey from my bees which are in the Clark area north of Columbia, Mo. I work in Columbia so delivery is possible in that area.

John Hargrave
Denver, MO
Phone: 660-726-2615 or 660-564-2288
Email: beesandberrys@hotmail.com
Comments: Local honey raw and in the comb, Northwest Missouri/Southern Iowa. Varietal honeys Californian orange/ North Dakota wild flower, also some nucs and hives out of feral stock.

David and Paula Panahi
Fair Grove, MO
Phone: 417-759-7578
Email: pdhoneyfarm@hotmail.com
Website: www.pdhoneyfarm.com
Comments: Pure Raw Honey, Honey comb and Chunk Honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and our own all natural lip balms!

Drew Coates
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-591-8106
Email: DrewC@billygoat.com
Comments: Kansas City Metro, several varieties of local honey, pollen, comb honey and chunk honey also available. The bees are kept in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Boyd Powers
Raymore, MO
Phone: 316-299-1082
Email: boydpowers@yahoo.com
Comments: Clover and wildflower honey produced in the Raymore area. Bottled in quart and pint canning jars.

Paul and Deborah
Shelbyville, MO
Phone: 573-633-1110
Email: agregaard@mywdo.com
Comments: Small scale hobbyist/producer. Local Raw Honey. Various packaging up to Quarts

Riddle Hill Honey
Stoddard County, MO
Phone: 573-990-1212
Email: sam@riddlehill.net
Website: www.riddlehill.com
Comments: We run a chemical/treatment-free apiary, producing pure, raw, unprocessed honey. Available in 1lb bottles up to 60lb buckets. Custom packaging available for weddings, gifts, etc.

Rod and Amber Weakley
Sullivan, MO
Phone: 573-746-0383
Email: rwjedi72@gmail.com
Comments: 1 lb Jars. Bees are kept in and around Sullivan, MO