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Webster Farms, Jr & Linda Webster
Camdenton, MO
Phone: 573-286-5714
Email: lndwbstr@gmail.com
Comments: Raw filtered honey.

Dennis Crutchfield
Clifton Hill, MO
Phone: 660-414-6635
Email: crutchfieldd@hotmail.com
Comments: Raw honey from untreated hives. we have been running survival stock. Are as organic as can be in a farming area.

John Hargrave
Denver, MO
Phone: 660-726-2615 or 660-564-2288
Email: beesandberrys@hotmail.com
Comments: Local honey raw and in the comb, Northwest Missouri/Southern Iowa. Varietal honeys Californian orange/ North Dakota wild flower, also some nucs and hives out of feral stock.

David and Paula Panahi
Fair Grove, MO
Phone: 417-759-7578
Email: pdhoneyfarm@hotmail.com
Website: www.pdhoneyfarm.com
Comments: Pure Raw Honey, Honey comb and Chunk Honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and our own all natural lip balms!

Jordan Atkins
Clumsy Keepers Honey
Holts Summit, MO
Phone: 573-415-6370
Email: atkinshoneybees@hotmail.com
Comments: Local raw, unheated, and unfiltered honey from Holts Summit Missouri. Available in 1, 2, and 5 pound squeeze bottles. I also sell a few nucs in the spring.

Grant and Nancy Gillard
Jackson, MO
Phone: 573-587-1623
Email: grantfcgillard@gmail.com
Website: http://grantgillard.weebly.com/
Comments: We retail our honey, direct to customers. We feature local, raw honey from several different crops and pollination opportunities. Many sources remain segregated and marketed as “Varietal” honeys. The largest container we sell is a quart.

Drew Coates
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-591-8106
Email: DrewC@billygoat.com
Comments: Kansas City Metro, several varieties of local honey, pollen, comb honey and chunk honey also available. The bees are kept in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Boyd Powers
Raymore, MO
Phone: 316-299-1082
Email: boydpowers@yahoo.com
Comments: Clover and wildflower honey produced in the Raymore area. Bottled in quart and pint canning jars.

Paul and Deborah
Shelbyville, MO
Phone: 573-633-1110
Email: agregaard@mywdo.com
Comments: Small scale hobbyist/producer. Local Raw Honey. Various packaging up to Quarts

Riddle Hill Honey
Stoddard County, MO
Phone: 573-990-1212
Email: sam@riddlehill.net
Website: www.riddlehill.com
Comments: We run a chemical/treatment-free apiary, producing pure, raw, unprocessed honey. Available in 1lb bottles up to 60lb buckets. Custom packaging available for weddings, gifts, etc.

Rod and Amber Weakley
Sullivan, MO
Phone: 573-746-0383
Email: rwjedi72@gmail.com
Comments: 1 lb Jars. Bees are kept in and around Sullivan, MO

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