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Fieldstone Apiaries
Elko New Market, MN
Phone: 952-461-4728
Email: fieldstonefarms@netins.net
Website: www.FieldstoneApiaries.com
Comments: pure raw local honey, available in a jar, bucket or barrel.

Upper Midwest Honey
Ham Lake, MN
Phone: 612-787-2202
Email: info@hamlakehoney.com
Web: www.hamlakehoney.com
Comments: Our honey is light and floral, consisting of a variety of nectar from sources such as clover, alfalfa and basswood. Combined, these nectar’s comprise an amazing blend of golden delicious honey!

Kevin Vance
Harris, MN
Phone: 651-674-2980
Email: kevin@beewranglerllc.com
Website: www.beewranglerllc.com
Comments: Honey mostly clover and light basswood.

Nick Olsen
Maple Lake, MN
Phone: 612-685-6696
Email: nickolsen13@gmail.com
Website: http://www.olsenshoney.com
Comments: Wild flower Honey, Clover honey , bees, bees wax, soaps, lip balm

Mark J. Troje
Miltona, MN
Phone: 320-766-1612
Email: prharvest@gmail.com
Comments: Honey

Nowthen, Honey
Phil & Jane Domeier
Nowthen, MN
Phone: 612-819-1488
Email: nowthenhoney@aol.com
Website: www.nowthenhoney.com
Comments: At Nowthen, Honey, we provide our customers with pure local honey. We do not medicate our bees or use chemicals in our hives. Call for availability.

Scott Groth
Rochester, MN
Phone: 507-285-9316
Email: groth10@msn.com
Comments: Pints and quarts of Raw Honey

Bare Honey
St. Paul, MN
Email: chefdlv@gmail.com
Website: www.barehoney.com
Comments: At Bare Honey, our honey is beyond organic. Using transparent and sustainable methods, we produce the purest honey available. It’s natural. It’s honest. It TASTES better.

Bar Bell Bee Ranch
Ed & Eileen Menefee
Squaw Lake, MN
Phone: 218-659-4469
Email: barbellb@paulbunyan.net
Comments: Local Raw Varietal Honey mailed to you with USPS.

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