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Evelyn and Michael Schraft
Berlin, MA
Phone: 978-415-9869
Comments: We sell 100% pure local raw honey direct from our family owned and operated apiary. Various jars and sizes are available.

Anita Deeley
Beverly, MA
Phone: 978-969-1005
Comments: We sell raw, local Treatment Free Honey in a variety of jars and sizes. Our Pure Wildflower Honey comes from treatment free hives in Essex County, MA. It is unheated, unfiltered and harvested in micro batches. Limited quantities available. We sell honey from our home and seasonally at the Beverly Farmer’s Market. Other Bee Products Available: lip balm, hand lotion and beeswax candles.

Triumph Apiaries
Ken Anderson
Billerica, MA
Phone: 978-930-1334
Comments: We’re a small apiary in Middlesex County in Northeastern Massachusetts. Most of our honey is sold through the farm stands and CSA’s of the farmer-partners that allow us to manage bees on their land. Our unfiltered, raw honey honey is packaged in 8, 16 and 32 ounce glass jars. Please email for any inquiries.

Mimi’s Hilltop Apiary
Granville, MA
Phone: 413-214-5235
Comments: Raw wildflower honey, creamed honey, beeswax skincare creams, soaps, scrubs, conditioning bars, candles, honey sticks, candy, nuts, and bee related gifts. Soap making classes, public speaking. Live observation hives. Located at 35 North Lane Granville, MA 01034

Woodville Maples
Hopkinton, MA
Phone: 508-341-5108
Comments: Raw, unfiltered honey in 1 lb. glass jars as well as the classic Muth jar with cork. We also offer honey sticks, wax, and a variety of options for wedding favors.

Doug & Sally Wilcox
Lee, MA
Phone: 413-854-3378
Comments: Local raw honey for retail: Bottled raw honey, comb honey, chunk honey, creamed honey, beeswax, local pollen, Northern bees, queens and nucleus colonies

Happy Valley Apiary
Bill Romito
Leeds, MA
Phone: 413-530-9029
Comments: Treatment free raw honey available in: 2 lb, 1 lb, and 8 oz jars. 12 oz honey bears. 1 lb and 8oz muth jars. Comb honey. Other products from the hive: lip balm, hand lotion, handmade soap, beeswax candles. Free delivery on orders of $20 or more directly to your home in the Northampton MA area.

Circle Seven Honey
Millbury, MA
Phone: 339-222-1075
Website: A limited quantity of raw, never heated, unfiltered honey available now. It is packaged in 1# squeeze bottles.

Berkshire Farms Apiary
Tony Pisano
North Adams, MA
Phone: 413-663-9288
Comments: We sell local, raw, wildflower honey in a variety of jar sizes from home and seasonally at the North Adams Farmer’s Market. Retail only. We don’t sell in bulk.

Birchland Apiaries
Randolph, MA
Phone: 781-963-2253
Comments: Raw local honey.

Michael J. Rossini
Randolph, MA
Phone: 781-961-5022
Comments: Welcome to Bear Cub’s Honey Farm. We are located in North Randolph. We offer 1/2lb, 1lb and 2lb jars of our locally produced honey. Our all natural honey is tripled filtered to provide you the finest, purest honey available. We welcome all inquiries. Have a great day!

Eileen Moran
Eileen’s Apiares
Townsend, MA
Phone: 978-597-6116
Comments: Sell 1 lb in mason jars. 3/4 lb in Plastic Bears. 3/4 lb in Mason Jar. Can add fabric to lids and ribbons for special occasions. I also sell handmade soaps & lotions all with beeswax & honey added from my hives.

Bill Crawford
Westfield, MA
Phone: 413-454-8403
Comments: Local Raw honey Wholesale Honey

Kevin Towers
Westford, MA
Phone: 978-692-4199
Comments: Dark Honey – 1.5 lb, Light Honey – 1.5 lb

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