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Wildflower Ridge Honey
Anderson, IN
Phone: 765-641-9972
Comments: We offer pure and natural Indiana Honey.

D & S Honey
Auburn, IN
Phone: 260-925-8079 or 260-413-6337
Comments: local raw honey

Mark Humphrey
Bristol, IN
Phone: 574-848-1008
Comments: honey by the pound and wax by the pound

Bluffwood Creek Honey
Brownsburg, IN
Phone: 317-536-9800
Comments: Local honey, and I believe that you’ll find that my honey is the best tasting you can find anywhere.

David Hocutt
Carmel, IN
Phone: 317-435-1137
Comments: pure honey

Dayspring Orchard & Honey
Corydon, IN
Phone: 812-952-0057
Comments: Raw & Unheated Honey

William Browne
Culver, IN
Phone: 574-276-2491
Comments: Pure, natural, unheated honey local to the Culver area. Centrifugal extraction direct from the hive; gravity filtered; no chemicals used in treatment or storage of equipment.

Rekeweg Honey Co.
Decatur, IN
Phone: 260-728-2613
Comments: Local raw and liquid honey, creamed honey, comb honey

Hillview Farm
Depauw, IN
Phone: 812-347-1499
Comments: Our honey is raw, local and pure.

Southwest Honey Co.
Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: 260-609-2897
Comments: Products: Raw Honey, Wholesale Honey, Bottled Honey, Honey Sticks, Beeswax, Beeswax Candles. Our natural honey is made by our happy honey bees who live at our apiaries on organic and naturally kept properties around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.Our property partners include ACRES Land Trust, The Southwest Conservation Club and other naturally preserved properties including organic farms. Our unpasteurized and raw honey is bottled directly from the hive, so you can enjoy with confidence that it has pure nutrients, enzymes, and pollen.

Glenn’s Natural Honey
Fort Wayne, IN
Phone: 260-433-4297
Comments: Minimally processed and unheated honey, creamed honey, honey sticks, beeswax. All hives are located in the northern Fort Wayne area and processed in small batches resulting in different colors and flavors throughout the year.

Ed Rice
Gary, IN
Phone: 219-781-8526
Email: ebrice at prodigy dot net
Comments: Local Honey for sale

County Line Orchard
Hobart, IN
Phone: 219-947-4477
Comments: Fresh unprocessed and unfiltered is honey in its purest form.

The Bee Hive
Huntington, IN
Phone: 260-468-2657
Comments: Featuring honey and bees wax products made on the farm.

Big Red Bee Company
Lapel, IN
Phone: 317-294-3944
Comments: Big Red Bee Company provides pure raw honey.

RJ Honey, LLC
Lebanon, IN
Phone: 317-714-5920 or 765-891-1928
Comments: local, raw honey

Hunter’s Honey Farm
Martinsville, IN
Phone: 765-537-9430
Comments: We try to keep our honey as pure and natural as possible. Therefore, our honey is never flash heated or pressure filtered insuring that our customers get the finest and most flavorful honey that nature has to offer.

Danny Slabaugh
Nappanee, IN

Phone: 574-315-5586
Comments: Hello, This is how I sell my honey to the local markets. Unadulterated is Pure Honey with NO additives, Drugs or Chemicals. My honey has never been heated above 105 degrees. Then gravity strained though a nylon filter. This gives it the natural flavor nature intended it to have. By separating hives in 10 different apiaries and removing honey at different nectar flows, I am able to control color and flavor by location and flower bloom. All my apiaries are in the Nappanee and Wakarusa area. Packaged by Slabaugh Apiaries With help from my bees.

Jewel & Joe Corley
New Palestine, IN
Phone: 317-861-4118
Comments: Local Raw Honey – 1# 3# 5#

Smith’s Rustic Ranch, LLC
Otterbein, IN
Phone: 765-583-1601
Comments: Local Raw Honey Products, Seasonal Pollen and Chunk Honey, Honey Sticks, Hard Honey Filled Candy.

Ide’s Honey Farm
Pierceton, IN
Phone: 574-327-3366
Comments: In the summer our bees go after basswood, varieties of clover and wild flowers. I also harvest the fall crop consisting of mostly goldenrod and wild aster. All of these make wonderfully flavored honey.

Jeff S. Cripe
Eagle Creek Apiary
Sheridan, IN
Phone: 317-626-5042
Comments: Always raw honey, liquid and spun (crystallized), Pollen, and beeswax in block and candle form. Central Indiana Honey.

Apple Blossom Honey Farm
Star City, IN
Phone: 866-956-2337
Comments: We sell our own fresh, delicious, locally produced honey by the container.

Remschneider Honey Farm
Valparaiso, IN
Phone: 219-242-7722
Comments: Local honey.

Dan & Niki Williamson
B&C Honey Farm
Wheatfield, IN
Phone (cell): 219-730-1824
Comments: Honey is locally produced from my own apiaries. I DO NOT buy honey for resale. Available in various sizes.

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