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Bryan Barker
Altha, FL
Phone: 850-643-8107
Email: barkersbees@gmail.com
Website: barkersbees.com
Comments: Tupelo, Wildflower, Pure Raw Honey

Danny Javorowsky
Apopka, FL
Phone: 321-231-9380
Email: BeeFreeLoveHoney@cfl.rr.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/beefreelovehoney
Comments: Gallberry, Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Brazilian Pepper, Creamed Honeys, Thai Chili infused Honey, Ghost Pepper infused Honey, Honey Straws.

Standley Slowey
Atlantic Beach, FL
Phone: 904-472-4256
Email: standleyslowey@comcast.net
Comments: Local Honey fresh and direct from the hives. Truly the best product for those with allergies. Available by mail, pickup or local delivery.

Hugh Creek Honey
Blountstown, FL
Phone: 850-447-1223
Email: hughcreekhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Tupelo and wild flower organic honey.

Heritage Bee Farm
Dade City, FL
Phone: 813-784-0973
Email: heritagebees@gmail.com
Website: www.heritagebees.com
Comments: Local Raw Honey

Michelle Reyes
Davie, FL
Phone: 786-205-0208
Email: MIchelle@TheHoneyBeeDoctor.com
Website: TheHoneyBeeDoctor.com
Comments: Pure Local Wildflower Honey. Beeswax Products.

Amy Wright
Honey Hutch
Destin, FL
Phone: 850-499-6528
Email: amy@thehoneyhutch.com
Website: thehoneyhutch.com
Comments: Local Wildflower, Gallberry and Tupelo Honey

Joe Redburn
Ft Myers, FL
Phone: 239-223-1808
Email: jredburn@mindspring.com
Website: www.poorboybees.com
Comments: I have several flavours of honey. Two flavours of Honey Mustard. Beeswax candles and luminaries, but I specialize in honey for allergies.

David Gruwell
Fort Pierce, FL
Phone: 772-461-1667
Email: davethebeeman81@gmail.com
Website: www.buzzzonin.com
Comments: Several varieties of raw, unfiltered local honey including orange blossom, Wild flower, smart weed, and saw palmetto. We also make and sell beauty and health products.

Happy Bee Honey
Geneva, FL
Phone: 407-733-7514
Email: happybeehoney@gmail.com
Website: http://www.happybeehoney.net/
Comments: Raw honey. Central Florida Wildflower, many organically infused specialty flavors and natural body products.

Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-610-3470
Email: rgraf@coj.net
Comments: I have local honey! I am located on the Westside of Town out close to 103rd st and Old Middleberg. Honey is available for pick up most evenings. We are very busy during the days.

George Breslin
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-365-8783
Email: george@lakewoodbee.com
Website: www.lakewoodbee.com
Comments: pure, local honey

Lisa Gray
Bees N The Keys
Key Largo, FL
Phone: 305-852-9643
Email: beesnthekeys@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bees-n-the-keys.com
Comments: Bees N The Keys proudly provides Local Honey to the Florida Keys. We harvest: Wildflower, Florida Keys Blend, Key Lime, Mango, Seagrape, Jamaica Dogwood, Goldenrod, Black Mangrove. We Also Provide: Tupelo, Saw palmetto, Orange Blossom. You can find our products for sale in many stores in the keys, served at most breakfast restaurants, and it is always available for sale on. So if you need some sweet, and you’re a long way from home, we have you covered.

Kelley’s Apiaries LLC
Lakeland, FL
Phone: 863-644-6944
Email: info@kelleysapiaries.com
Website: http://kelleysapiaries.com/index.html
Comments: We offer pure, raw and unfiltered honey.

Jane Hall
Lakeland, FL
Phone: 863-286-2117
Email: jhallhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Central Florida Palmetto & Gallberry Honey. Various sizes from 12 oz to 5 gallon buckets (60 pounds). Cut Comb and Chunk Honey also available in limited quantities.

Bevy’s Honeybees
Beverly DeMarco
Lee County, FL
Phone: 239-823-4110
Email: bevyshoneybees@gmail.com
Comments: Raw-Wildflower, Orange Blossom. 12oz or 23oz jars.

Eric Low
Live Oak, FL
Phone: 386-249-5938
Email: Basichoney1@gmail.com
Website: Basichoney.com
Comments: Gallberry Honey (Small Orders and Bulk), Orange Blossom Honey (Small Orders and Bulk)

SMAKattack, llc
Margate, FL
Phone: 954-540-6593
Email: info@farmersmarkethoney.com
Website: farmersmarkethoney.com
Comments: Broward County’s only FDA and CS certified honey house. Selling our natural Florida artisanal honeys in South Florida farmers markets. Look for the yellow and black canopies.

D&T Farms LLC
Miami, FL
Phone: 305-582-3817
Email: DTFarms@comcast.net
Comments: Raw Honey

Jennifer Summersill
Mount Dora, FL
Phone: 407-409-6139
Email: beehappyapiaires@gmail.com
Comments: Raw Honey: Orange Blossom, Gallberry, Wild Flower. Our bees are not treated with any chemicals.

Naples Honey Company
Naples, FL
Tom May
Phone: 239-530-8755
Email: napleshoco@embarqmail.com
Website: http://www.napleshoneycompany.com/
Comments: local honey

Michael and Sarah Haylock
Naples, FL
Phone: 239-595-6176
Email: prinzzessfelicityjade@gmail.com
Comments: 1 lb jars black mangrove honey. Unbottled Brazillian pepper honey which can be bought in any amount. Local natural raw and unfiltered from non-chemically treated bees.

Walker Farms
N. Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 239-543-8071
Email: info@walkerfarmshoney.com
Website: http://walkerfarmshoney.com
Comments: local honey

Moss Bluff Apiary
Ocala, FL
Phone: 352-687-8849
Email: 001ashah@gmail.com
Comments: We have local raw honey. 100% unadulterated. No additives, and absolutely no chemicals whatsoever. From hybrid bees (Italian/Russian). No heating, and only 600 grade strainer. All the good stuff remains in the honey. NOTE: Our honey is hive specific, meaning we don’t take from our other hives/supers just to fill the jars. We are intentionally a relatively small operation as our goal is quality over quantity. Palmetto, Orange blossom, and wildflower.

Paul Allison
Ocoee, FL
Phone: 407-415-5288
Email: allisonsapiaries@gmail.com
Website: https://allisonsapiaries.com
Comments: Raw, local honey from the Central Florida area with bee hives in Orange, Lake, Osceola and Polk Counties in Florida. The kinds of honey I sell include Orange Blossom, Florida Holly, Wild Flower, Fall Wild Flower, Golden Rod, and Brazilian Pepper.

Palm Beach County, FL
Phone: 561-921-1475
Email: Steve@BeeHealthyHoneyFarms.com
Website: http://www.beehealthyhoneyfarms.com/9.html
Comments: Sweet Delicious and Healthy Honey made right here in Delray Beach Florida.

Blue Moon Honey – Poropat Apiary
Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: 727-366-3012
Email: BMApiary@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Moon-Honey-Poropat-Apiary/653850157999451
Comments: We offer a variety of raw, local honey products in a variety of sizes. Our Spring – Orange Blossom Honey and our Fall – Wildflower Honey sell fast!

Ellie B’s Honey
Johnnie Beshearse
Panama City, FL
Phone: 850-624-5062
Email: johnnie@elliebhoney.com
Website: www.elliebhoney.com
Comments: Spring Wildflower, Summer Wildflower, Tupelo, Creamed wildflower.

Cliff H
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-292-1124
Email: biffsbusybees@outlook.com
Comments: I have local honey. Serving Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton Counties in Florida as well as surrounding counties in Alabama.

East Hill Honey Co.
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-780-3499
Email: info@easthillhoney.com
Website: http://easthillhoney.com/
Comments: The honey from our apiary is 100% pure and raw that comes from a blend of wildflowers and is naturally extracted and bottled in a certified/inspected honey house and delivered to you in the most pure and raw form.

Bee Branch Creek
Pinellas County, FL
Phone: 727-686-1194
Email: capttoms@tampabay.rr.com
Comments: Seasonally available raw local honey, bee pollen, comb honey.

Bob’s Beez
Pinellas County, FL
Phone: 727-483-3987
Email: bobsbeez@aol.com
Website: http://www.localfloridahoney.com/
Comments: My urban gourmet honey is made by healthy bees using no chemicals. The honey is raw and not blended – it is pure.

Dan Ward
Port St. John, FL
Phone: 321-747-0975
Email: sales@123bees.com
Website: www.123bees.com
Comments: We sell raw, local honey that contains pollen. It is absolutely delicious!

John Weil
Punta Gorda, FL
Phone: 631-680-6897
Email: Weilfarms40@hotmail.com
Website: www.Weilfarms.com
Comments: Weil Farms is proud to offer many varieties of Florida Honey.

Robert Crisp & Stacie Carter
Saint Cloud, FL
Phone: 407-429-4216
Email: Stacie@3beezhoneyfarm.com
Website: www.3beezhoneyfarm.com
Comments: 3Beez proudly provides all natural 100% raw chemical free wildflower, orange blossom, saw palmetto and sea grape honey.

4 Bees Herb Farm
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-322-2446
Website: http://4beesherbfarm.com/
Comments: We have several honey varieties available: Saw Palmetto, Orange Blossom, & Wildflower.

Brian Chrisman
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-441-5220
Email: Swampsquash@gmail.com
Comments: Strained raw local Sarasota wildflower honey!

The Savannah Bee Company
Savannah, GA
Phone: 912-503-2963
Email: orders@savannahbee.com
Website:  http://www.savannahbee.com
Comments: local honey

Jason Vickery
Sopchoppy, FL
Phone: 850-510-9918
Email: redtroutbass18@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355480277989067/
Comments: Local Wildflower Honey, Titi, Gallberry, Palmetto. Serving Franklin, Wakulla, Leon, Liberty, Gadsden counties.

Dansk Farms
Winter Park, FL
Phone: 407-965-5551
Email: danskfarms@me.com
Website: http://www.danskfarms.com
Comments: The honey we produce is completely natural — it is unfiltered and contains no additives.

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