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Stacy Dickerson
Austin, AR
Phone: 501-920-8228
Comments: local honey straight from the beekeeper, pesticide free, pure delicious honey.

Richard’s Apiaries
Benton, AR
Phone: 870-918-3066
Comments: When you buy a jar of Richard’s Pure Raw Honey, You can feel assured that it has been produced locally to have beneficial pollen content. It has also been strained only by gravity through a cheese cloth to insure that it is still pollen enriched. And the hives have been given “natural medications” instead of dangerous chemicals that may have harmful effects on the body. We strive to bring you the freshest, tastiest and most organic honey that Arkansas has to offer.

Bemis Honey Bee Farm
Little Rock , AR
Phone: 501-831-4557
Comments: Local clover and pumpkin honey.

Peace Bee Farm
Proctor, AR
Phone: 870-514-0105
Comments: Raw honey

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