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Jack Anderson
Alaska Bee Wrangler
Anchorage, AK
Phone: 907- 602-7863 cell
Comments: Liquid Honey, Comb Honey, Beeswax and Honey Sticks.

Alaska Honey
Anchorage, AK
Phone: 907-632-6542
Comments: Raw, organic Alaska honey from Talkeetna wildflowers.

Alaska Honey Bee
Chugiak, AK
Phone: 907-242-0588
Comments: Alaska Honey

Homer Girls Honey
Homer, AK
Phone: 907-399-9211
Comments: Delightful rich honey in part from an apple orchard with plums, kiwi and local flowers and fireweed in my general area of Homer.

Sarahs Alaska Honey
Kenai, AK
Phone: 907-252-5132
Comments: Our main nectar flow is from the fireweed plant. Fireweed honey is very light in color and taste. We never use any kind of pesticides, chemicals or antibiotics on our bees or equipment.

Alaska Wildflower Honey
Wasilla, AK
Phone: 907-892-6175
Comments: The taste that you find in our honey comes from a wide variety of wildflowers that are found on and near our family homestead. The major contributing flower sources are: Fireweed, Wild Sitka Rose, Wild Raspberry, Labrador Tea, and Alaska Spirea, Many other flowers are mixed in as well to a lesser degree. The taste of our honey is truly an Alaskan bouquet.

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